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Magic Box Offer (Please read the product descriptions carefully)

Before payment and placed the order Please Follow Below Terms and Condition :

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  • 1. In this magic box, you will get a free product from below mentioned list-

    • ·         Television
    • ·         Freeze
    • ·         AC
    • ·         Mobile
    • ·         Ear Pod
    • ·         Headphones
    • ·         Smart watch
    • ·         Watch
    • ·         Hand Purse
    • ·         Laptop
    • ·         Grocery Products
    • ·         Beauty Products
    • ·         Gadget and accessories
    • ·         Fashion Products
    • ·         Handicraft Products
    • ·         Bag
    • ·         Shoes
    • ·         Home Decor and etc. 

    2. For this magic Box, you have to pay only 30 takas and there is no additional or hidden charge for the product or delivery.

    3. During order submission, you have to choose the online payment and free shipping in payment options.

    4. Only for this promotional campaign, the magic box delivery process will be started after the end of the campaign. 

    5. One individual register can place only one order. If any individual registered customer places a multiples order and pays multiples times for multiples order, he or she can get only one box and the rest of the payment can not get back. 

    6. Company has all rights to decide the product for individual customers. From total placed orders, a maximum of one thousand individual customers will be selected for the magic box. The rest of the customers can not get any promotional product. They can place regular orders on our website if he want but for this order delivery charge applicable. 

    7. There is no refund or replacement policy only for this campaign. You have to accept what you will receive. But if the product is damaged or outdated then you will get a new product.

    8. If the promotional product stock out then it will take some time for further delivery processing. 

  • For This magic card promotional offer there is no replacement or return or refund policy. 
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